There are many things that can increase one’s chances of getting a a shot at elusive video game jobs. But if you talk to industry recruiters, they will tell you that there are just a few key items that are vitally important. They are…

1) Work on independent game projects. One of the most important aspects of an application that game company recruiters look for in applicants is their experience. If they can’t make a small game on their own, how are they going to work with a team to make a multi-million dollar title? Team up with some friends and work on a game. It doesn’t have to be a full featured console title, just make sure you finish it. Unfinished projects don’t count.

2) Narrow your field of expertise. While it’s good to be able to do many things at a small company or small project, larger more established companies will be looking to give video game jobs to the best people in a given specialty. If you’re an artist, pick characters or environments and focus on that. If you’re an engineer, focus on artificial intelligence, graphics, or whatever your passion is. Decide what you’re going to do and become an expert.

3) Join a game development organization. There are many good organizations for game development. Check your university or college activities center to see if there are any groups already created. You can also look at worldwide organizations such as the IGDA and get involved there. Better yet, if there isn’t a student organization at your school or a game development chapter in your town, consider starting one. Leadership is a huge asset in a job applicant.

4) Network and find industry สล็อต insiders. Talk with your advisors, career counselors, and alumni network to see if you can find people who have already gotten video game jobs. Contact them, ask to get a tour of their workplace, and ask if they have any internship or job opportunities. In an industry as tiny and as sought-after as games, you’d be surprised how far some simple face time can get you.

5) Apply to as many companies as possible. Many game industry veterans confess that they were turned down from their first venture into games. Many more will also say that the second, third, and fourth chances were failures as well. If you want to find that job that is waiting for you, you’re going to have to apply to a lot of companies. Don’t apply to five and give up. Shoot for at least ten. Twenty is better. If you’re going to get one of these elusive positions, then you can’t be afraid of rejection letters. Develop a “bring it on” attitude and put yourself out there.

6) Be willing to start off in something other than your ideal position. Don’t miss out on good video game jobs open to you by being picky at the beginning. Getting into the industry is step one, finding your niche dream job on your favorite title is step two. If you want to one day be a designer, don’t scoff at being an engineer first and then moving to a design position. If you want to be a producer, you might have to first be a development tester and then work your way up to producer. It’s much easier to move around within the industry once you get in.

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